I Still Believe in Heroes is a podcast about fandom.

Our third guest episode is here! Jacquelyn Brazzale handles PR for ACE Comic Con and got to know Conny last year when Conny covered ACE Comic Con Midwest. We had a great time chatting everything from Star Wars to collecting to gatekeeping and there will hopefully be many more conversations to come! You can follow Jacquelyn on @J_Brazzale on Twitter.

Time for our second guest! Brianna Garcia is a well known artist, both for her fanart and her work with Disney, Nickelodeon and IDW. We had a blast talking to her, and you should really check out her work and give her a follow over on @BriannaCherry on Twitter!

Welcome to the first episode of our "A Conversation With"-series! Our first guest is our co-worker from Nerds and Beyond, photographer Mandi Lea! We cover her descent into fandom, how she got her start in photography, and what we're currently nerdy about. You can follow her on Twitter, @MandiLeaPhotos, to see her work!

We've got plenty of things to catch up on, so this is what we've been doing while we're away. Need some distraction? Look no further for recommendations, because that is pretty much all we talk about this time.

Hello~ This week two good friends - two best friends - who come from away are imperfect, but tries to make sure to not throw away their shot. Are you going to be in the room where it happens?

A long, long time ago, in the part of the galaxy that is right here, Conny and Em fell in love with Star Wars. In this episode they tackle episodes VII, VIII and IX. As usual we also get distracted by Taika Waititi, Em has fallen into a The Witcher-shaped hole, and Conny highly recommends Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.

Episode 15 - KNIVES OUT

*WARNING* If you haven't watched the hit movie Knives Out, then this episode is not for you if you want to remain unspoiled. Knives Out blew both Conny and Em away, so of course they had to dedicate an entire episode to it. As per usual we also slip into other topics, so please enjoy our views on Brendon Urie, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Mark Hamill, and the potential of Stormpilot in the coming Star Wars. On top of all our gushing over Chris Evans, of course.

Episode 14 - Merry Crisis!

It's Chrisms! This week we talk about Christmas traditions in our families, as well as our favorite Christmas-y movies, episodes and music! As usual Em manages to sneak a bit of Critical Role in there, and Conny saves the segment about Christmas episodes from TV-shows by remembering about Doctor Who. Merry Chrysler!


We're back! After a metric ton of struggle, we can finally present our Rockwood 2019 recap! We talk about how the weekend was over all, and we also offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the interviews we did. 

This week we talk about the wonderful event Rockwood Music Festival! Is it a convention? Is it a festival? How does it work? Sit back and enjoy as we walk you through how it works, what we're looking forward to this year and share some stories from previous events.

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