I Still Believe in Heroes is a podcast about fandom.

Welcome to the Disney movie you put on after watching all those scary movies during Spoopy Month! This week we talk classic animated Disney-movies, the ones we grew up with and our first encounter with major character death. As usual Em has a hard time staying on topic, so please enjoy the story about the reindeer. Also, there is a lot of yelling at the end of the episode because Conny bamboozles Em in the best of ways. Conny may or may not be finding her way into another trashcan; only time will tell.

Episode 10 - Con-ventional?

This week we talk about something that makes us very happy - CONVENTIONS! We talk about meeting our faves, how conventions are MORE to us than just meeting our faves, and which faves are still on our convention bucket-list. Also; Em talks herself into happy crying over meeting Matthew Mercer, and Conny talks about her photo ops with Sebastian Stan.

Episode 9 - Witching Hour

Happy Halloween! Here's a little mid-week Halloween-treat for you. We tell some spooky stories to celebrate what is objectively the best holiday of the year. Hope we don't scare you too much!

There was an attempt to stay on topic ("Favorite Pop Culture Scary Stuff") and not freak ourselves out, but we still freaked ourselves out. This might mean we freak you out. Sorry. Maybe grab a buddy and turn some lights on again for this one. Conny is a skeptic and Em has Seen Stuff™. Please rate, review and subscribe, it would really help us out!

This week we creep ourselves out. Majorly. We're sorry if we creep you out as well. Remember; don't take shortcuts across the graveyard, pay for the work you hire people to do, and always, always look up. They don't like it when you look up.

This week, with more (wheeze) and red flags, we're delving into the dark realm of true crime. How did our usually fun-loving hosts get interested in the darker parts of humanity, and what are their favorite cases? Check out this week's episode to get the answers! 

Episode 5 - Load Save?

Life continues to be a struggle... But this week we talk about video games! What were our first consoles? What are we playing right now? What coming games are we super excited about? Tune in to find out! Also, Em is nerdy about a hilarious thing, and Conny is nerdy about an upsetting, but incredibly important, thing.

Did you get your Hogwarts letter? Conny and Em didn't get theirs, but that doesn't stop them from talking about the magical world of Harry Potter. Which one is their favorite book? How do they feel about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? What Hogwarts houses do they belong to? Listen to this week's episode to find out!

Episode 3 - Music Maestro!

Time to delve into music. Everything is a struggle, Em has a list, and Conny stands by German 90’s rap. Conny plots to scare Em next time they hang out, and we speculate on what we would sell if we had merch.

Episode 2 - Marvelous

Conny and Emelie talk Marvel, who some of their faves are and have FEELINGS. Also, Conny loves murder and will someone please come talk about Dungeons and Dragons with Em?

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